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HS Fractal Draw  v.0.71 Beta

HS Fractal Draw is a simple application designed to enable users to draw famous fractals. With this application you can draw Mandelbrot set Julia and many others in high resolution and different color renders.

Draw Something  v.1.0

One day I was playing Draw Something on my Droid Razr and I couldn't guess the word to save my life but I didn't want to pass and lose all the turns so I did what any novice programmer would do...I created a program that would guess words for me. All

Multiplayer Draw Poker  v.

The game of Draw Poker for 1 to 4 players with the possibility to play against the computer. Local/Lan/Internet gameplay supported, integrated chat system, customizable rules. Donations are

GBA Draw  v.1.0

A lib that can supplies some functions to draw simple pictures on GBA, such as pixel, line, rectangle, circle, ellipse.

VB.NET Lucky Draw Software  v.1.0

This is a lucky draw application built using .NET technology. This application is very useful in community parties, official events where prizes need to be given out to lucky winners. The code is open source and freely available for download and use.

Infinite Draw  v.1.0

Infinite Draw is an open source painting software that enables users to easily draw Escher-like paintings. It runs on Mac OS X.

Infinite Draw Engine  v.1.0

Infinite Draw is an open source painting software that helps users to draw a picture like Escher's. The software automatically repeats and reflects user's painting on the canvas.

Predictive Draw Engine  v.1.0

The Predictive Draw Engine is designed for an open source painting software "Predictive Draw", that predicts user's intended spline and give the guideline to the user.

Ambigram Draw  v.1.0

Ambigram Draw is an open source painting software that support drawing ambigrams. It runs on Mac OS X.

Predictive Draw  v.1.0

Predictive Draw is a painting software that predicts what the user is going to draw and show the guideline for him/her.

Pressure Draw  v.1.0

Pressure Draw is a unique painting software that uses pen pressure to select color for drawing. It runs on Mac OS X.

Pressure Draw Engine  v.1.0

Pressure Draw Engine is the core of Pressure Draw drawing program (formally called Under Pressure). It detects pressure information from UI and converts the info to color mixture for upcoming pen stroke.

Load and draw OBJ model using OpenGL/C++  v.1.0

This library load and draw a OBJ model file using C++ and OpenGL

Perspective Draw  v.1.0

Perspective Draw is a 2-D/3-D mixed painting software. You can draw 3-D sketches as if you were drawing 2-D views. After finishing your drawing, you can change the view point of the sketch so that you would have different view of the model.

How to Draw  v.1.0

Screen saver that showcases some of the wildlife and portrait art work of pencil artist Adam

Auto Draw 2  v.1.3

Very easy to use, you can choose the speed and the color of the pencil as well as the color of the background. Supports: .bmp, .jpg, .tga, .png, ... for Windows2K, XP, Vista

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